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About KC Healthy Kids

KC Healthy Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing obesity and improving the health of Greater Kansas City's children. Our policy work and programs address school nutrition, community engagement and youth advocacy. We engage kids, school professionals, civic leaders, farmers, food purveyors, health care professionals, urban planners, bike/walk advocates, and other non-profit agencies to accomplish our work. KC Healthy Kids is home to the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition which strives to improve access to healthy food and increase purchasing of local food by schools, hospitals and restaurants.

Our 2013 Impact Report

The Issue

In today's environment, eating healthy and being physically active are not easy for everyone. Research clearly demonstrates that the places where we live, work, learn and play determine our health. Without healthy communities, we -- children and adults alike -- are more likely to suffer from obesity or the many related chronic diseases affecting the United States.

KC Healthy Kids is leading the charge to transform Greater Kansas City into a region that promotes healthy lifestyles by affecting policies that shape our food environment (how it is grown, processed, distributed and sold) and the built environment (how our surroundings influence our activity levels).

Our Mission

To improve the health of Greater Kansas City’s children by informing, advocating, and mobilizing the resources and talents of our community to improve healthy eating and active living.

What We Do

KC Healthy Kids envisions a Greater Kansas City that champions health and well-being for children and families. We help make neighborhoods healthier today and for future generations. We do this by focusing on policy, programs and operations. Some of our outcomes are farm to school programs, grocery stores, community gardens and farmers markets; quality physical education and recess; safe walking or biking to school; and safe parks, playgrounds and other places to play.





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