Make the Active Choice the Easy Choice

Active living isn't just about exercising at the gym. It's about incorporating physical activity into your everyday life. Walking to the store, enjoying a day at the park, participating in a neighborhood basketball game, gardening, or just getting up and moving during a meeting or class are all great opportunities to get active.

While being more active may seem like a simple individual behavior change, there are environmental factors at play that contribute to the ability of one person to be more active.

A child may want to go to the park across a busy street, but can't get there safely because there are no crosswalks. A father may want to bike to work, but without a bike lane, can't navigate commuter traffic safely. A mother may want her child to walk to school, but without sidewalks it's not a safe option.

By implementing changes in our environment, the healthy choice can become the easy choice. KC Healthy Kids is leading the effort in Greater Kansas City to make our streets, our neighborhoods, our schools and our workplaces more activity-friendly. When this happens, all of us--children and adults-will have a fair chance to live a healthy life and fulfill our potential.

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