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Take time to catch up on what these local and national news platforms are saying about the Kansas food tax. 


KC Healthy Kids helps children discover what is healthy and unhealthy in their neighborhood


Intern Alex Stone's grandmother shares her personal experinces in the Ivanhoe neighborhood and the positive changes she's seen over the years. 


As the Farm to Institution Manager, Matt has a passion for building community through advocacy, engagement and collaboration. 


KC Healthy Kids applauds the Kansas Senate for passing legislation lowering the Kansas sales tax rate on food to 4.95%.


A report released today by KC Healthy Kids shows that Kansas’ current grocery tax of 6.15% puts an unfair burden on low-income families.


Our interns get real-world experience, portfolio work and an expanded network to help them get a great start on their careers.


In 2008, KC Healthy Kids locked arms with the Rosedale neighborhood to make some pretty incredible changes in the community, where 51% of youth were overweight or obese.


KC Healthy Kids is hiring! We're looking for an administrative professional to provide support and assistance to our staff as we reshape our region for a brighter future. 


In less than a minute, you can help make a difference for generations to come.


Mark your calendar for Step Up!, a pilot workshop about Walk Friendly Communities for the Kansas City region.


Anyone who says "Don't let them eat steak!" is tone deaf to the austerity of food budgets among SNAP recipients.


Students at Burke Elementary planted 12 trees that will feed their community for years to come.


School parties can be fun AND healthy!


This report from underscores the importance of reshaping our region for a brighter future, where everyone has access to affordable fresh, healthy food and safe places to be active outdoors.


Primary responsibilities include planning and implementing outreach tactics through social networking, email marketing, and website content.


 The Kansas City Food Circle kicks off the growing season with the 17th annual Eat Local and Organic Expos. As always, these events are packed with fun ways to celebrate our regional food system.


The 1.3 mile Island View Loop is Wyandotte county’s first ever recreational river trail.


Food isn't a luxury item. Kansans should pay less for healthy fruits and veggies.


Join KC Healthy Kids and their partners from the Kansas Rural Center, Kansas Action for Children and the American Heart Association for this free webinar! Creating Change: Advocating for Stronger City and County Food Systems


Our intern, Rebecca Mount, culled these cookbooks from the web to help schools serve up local food kids will love.


Legislation to make fresh food more affordable in Kansas has been filed by Senator Michael O'Donnell, R-Wichita, and Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau, D-Wichita. The bill would eliminate the state tax on fruits and vegetables, encouraging Kansans to make healthier choices, supporting local farmers as well small business owners who lose business across state lines.


We're thrilled to say Miss Kansas Teen USA, Melanie Shaner will be at the I AM HERE awards ceremony to show her support for our award winners and encourage them to keep speaking out.


 New to KC, Wilfon will help us celebrate students who are reshaping our region.


When it's cold and rainy outside, kids can still be active inside. Get them moving with these games and they'll be ready to settle in and learn when it's time to start class again.

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