About Farm to School Academy

Our Farm to School Academy offers innovative solutions for increasing children’s consumption of fresh, local food. We guide school nutrition professionals and administrators through a customized process designed to bring more local and school garden-grown produce into their school for meals, snacks and parties. With the Farm to School Academy, schools can:

  • Introduce students to fresh produce they may not have tried.
  • Help students understand where their food comes from.
  • Broaden the variety of fresh foods served at school.
  • Teach the benefits of a healthy local food system.
  • Increase sales for farmers in the regions.
  • Explore fresh produce through training and tastings.
  • Connect with other stakeholders at quarterly meetings.

The Farm to School Academy engages school staff and faculty, district stakeholders, parents and students in activities that increase awareness of our local food system and generate excitement about the possibilities of bringing fresher, local food to schools.

Nutrition Services:

  • Directors learn best practices for purchasing local foods and planning menus according to seasonal availability.
  • Cafeteria staff get training on basic kitchen skills and explore the art of enhancing vegetable flavors within the USDA’s new guidelines.


  • Students sample fresh local foods prepared in exciting new ways. “Tasting Local” events feature seasonal produce that students enjoy, and that students say they will eat in the cafeteria.
  • Farmers help students learn where their food comes from.


  • Teachers are trained to use KC Healthy Kids’ Schoolyard Garden Toolkit to incorporate gardening and nutrition curriculum.
  • Faculty and staff learn best practices for garnering parents’ support through educational materials and special events.

Everyone learns how to effectively advocate for policy changes at the district level in order to increase access to fresh, local food!

Interested? Let us know! Contact Rachael McGinnis Millsap at 816-523-5353 or send her an email at rmmillsap@kchealthykids.org.