10 ways to advocate for good food in winter 2020




 1. Advocate for food and farm assistance in the next pandemic aid package. Call your US Senators at (202) 224 3121. Here are links to talking points from leading organizations:

 2. Support food chain workers. Millions continue to work without mandatory safety protections, hazard pay, and many are excluded from pandemic relief programs. 

 3. Buy local food. Buy direct from farmers when possible and support retailers and restaurants who do the same. Check out KC Food Circle, “Shop Kansas Farms” (Facebook group), or Missouri Food Finder to find locations. Many restaurants and food businesses -and their workers- rely on holiday sales to remain afloat. Gift cards, curbside-pickup and delivery make it easy to enjoy and share local food.

 4. Advocate for Fare Food Shopping. We are distributing Shop by Bus maps that make it easy to grocery shop by bus and find stores and farmers markets which accept WIC, SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks. Contact Andrea at aclark@kchealthykids.org to set up a drop off time or learn more about the project.

 5. Share your urban ag experience with the Urban Farm Zoning and Planning Task Force. Email Andrea at aclark@kchealthykids.org or join our monthly meetings to get project updates and share feedback.



 6. Prepare for ongoing, mission-critical work of building a more equitable food system by learning more about racism, racial equity and racial justice. Here is a resource guide to get you started.

 7. Network and collaborate with fellow stakeholders by attending quarterly Food Access Work Group meetings and other events. Find events and invite your friends!

 8. Mark your calendars & spread the word! The first-ever National Food Policy Council convening will still be in Kansas City, but has been rescheduled for September 20-22, 2021. Stay tuned for details!

9. Get connected, stay informed with the coalition.  

  • Use our COVID-19 policy resource page to track developments impacting our food system.
  • Respond to & amplify alerts. Rapid policy changes mean action alerts are more important than ever. Stay informed by subscribing to our emails. If you’ve attended our meetings but haven’t received advocacy alerts, check your spam folder and filter settings.

 10. Help us sustain effective advocacy by making a monthly or annual donation. Coalition membership is free, but the work isn’t. Donations cover costs that grants don’t, such as lobbying. Donate today.

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