10 Ways to Advocate for Good Food




1.  Comment on Public Charge rule by December 10. Find samples and an easy online submission tool at Food Action and Resource Center. Spread the word via social media (samples below), letters to the editor, and newsletters using FRAC resources.

Harming immigrant workers vital to farms and food production hurts us all. Say NO to the Trump Admin’s proposed #PublicCharge rule at http://bit.ly/2RGrnzp. #KCvoices @kchealthykids

Trump Admin’s proposed #PublicCharge rule threatens public health, farms, food pantries, economy and more. Say NO at http://bit.ly/2RGrnzp. #ProtectFamilies #KCvoices @kchealthykids

2.  Defend SNAP (food stamps) from attacks during Farm Bill negotiations. Use the following sample posts or select from other free online resources that make it easy.

A strong #2018FarmBill feeds us all. #HandsOFFSNAP #KCvoices @kchealthykids @HouseRepublicans

Defending #SNAP = protecting $1.6 billion annual grocery sales in KS & MO. #2018FarmBill

#HandsOFFSNAP #SNAPworks #KCVoices @kchealthykids @SenPatRoberts @HouseRepublicans

3.  Share your story to advocate for a strong Farm Bill that feeds us all. Sign our letter to Senator Pat Roberts and other legislators and include a note about why the Farm Bill matters to you. Stay tuned for lame duck session updates!

4.  Ask Kansas legislators to reduce the state sales tax on food. Find your state senator with @KCHealthyKids’ Facebook page. Email them or tag them in social media posts with an estimate of what the food sales tax cost you in 2018, and ask them to take action reduce it in 2019. Here’s a sample language, with hashtags we hope you’ll use if posting to social media!

#KSleg please make lowering #foodtax a priority in 2019. This year I’ve spent roughly $___, and paid $___in sales tax on groceries. I’d rather spend that money supporting #Kansas businesses. @kchealthykids



5.  Help set the agenda for 2019 and beyond. Join the discussion as coalition members develop our short and long term policy agenda. Contact Mamiko Vuillemin for details.

6.  Share on #GivingTuesday, November 27, 2018. Repost our social media solicitations and encourage your network to support our advocacy efforts! Coalition membership is always free, but the work isn’t!



7.  Respond to & amplify alerts. Action alerts will be coming your way soon on the Farm Bill and more. If you’ve attended a coalition meeting but haven’t received any advocacy alerts check your spam folder and filter settings. Engage your network in advocacy by sharing our action alerts, social media posts & events.

8.  Network and collaborate with fellow stakeholders. Attend quarterly meetings (free and open to the public!) of the Food Deserts Work Group & the Institutional Purchasing Work Group. Get Info

9.  Support local farmers. Buy direct from farmers when possible and support retailers and restaurants who do the same. Local foods have a bigger local economic impact than conventional food sales AND it’s delicious. Check out our Carrot Gold partners, who are leading the way!

10.  Help us sustain effective advocacy on critical food policies. Make a monthly or annual donation to become a Supporters, Policy Pollinators or luncheon sponsor and provide crucial support for costs that grants cannot cover, such as lobbying. Make a Donation

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