#2018FarmBill Social Media

Here are four tips for using social media to advocate for a strong Farm Bill.

1. Our sample posts make it easy. Use hashtags and tag @kchealthykids so we can track our impact.

Help farmers defend our resources. #2018FarmBill must protect and expand funding for conservation programs. #Thankafarmer #SustainableAg @SenateAg @kchealthykids

I support local farms. So should #2018FarmBill. #BFRDP #VAPGrants #FMLFPP @kchealthykids @SenPatRoberts

Defending #SNAP = protecting $1.6 billion annual grocery sales in KS & MO. #2018FarmBill #HandsOFFSNAP #SNAPworks #thesecutshurt @kchealthykids @SenPatRoberts

A strong #2018FarmBill feeds us all. #HandsOFFSNAP #FINI #EQIP #BFRDP #kchealthykids @SenateAgGOP

Farmers connect us all. @SenPatRoberts Please ensure resilient, diverse farms & food systems by supporting research and extension programs in #2018FarmBIll #SARE #BFRDP #Thankafarmer #SustainableAg @SenPatRoberts @kchealthykids

Did you know every $1 of SNAP benefits generates $1.79 in economic activity? Please advocate for a #2018FarmBill that feeds us and our communities! #SNAPworks #thesecutshurt #HandsOffSNAP @kchealthykids @HouseRepublicans

A #2018FarmBill that’s good for local farmers also benefits local consumers and businesses. Support research and extension programs that help farmers build diverse, resilient, regional food systems. #Thankafarmer #SustainableAg @SenPatRoberts @kchealthykids

#SNAPworks! So do most of #SNAP recipients. Please don’t cut benefits and increase work requirements in the #2018FarmBill! #DefendSNAP #SNAPmatters @kchealthykids @HouseRepublicans

Cuts and changes in the #FarmBill are irresponsible and result in less food for hungry people. #SaveOurSNAP #thesecutshurt @kchealthykids @SenateAgGOP @HouseRepublicans

2. Tag your Senators and Representatives. Click here to find your elected officials and their social media handles.

3. Don’t forget to add your own story. Everyone has a Farm Bill story. Let you legislators know how the Farm Bill affects you or your community. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Have Farm Bill conservation programs like EQIP, CSP, CRP, ALE or ACEP changed the way you farm or what you buy from local farmers?
Do conservation programs impact the habitat for wild game you hunt or fish?

Has publicly funded research helped develop solutions for challenges you face everyday in the your fields, like improving soil health through cover crops?
Have Extension Services helped you to keep up with changing food safety laws, eat nutritiously or become a better grower?

Do nutrition programs like SNAP (food stamps) help you, your clients, students or neighbors afford a healthy diet?
Have FINI grants to programs like Double Up Food Bucks helped you buy more fresh food from local farmers?

Want to learn more about our Farm Bill priorities and how they impact you and your community? Click here.

4. Add a photo to your post. Post a photo of you and your family shopping at farmers market, hiking on a nature trail, or a photo of a high tunnel you installed using the EQIP funds.  Here are some photos you can use (click each photo to download).