Kids at Club KC take time to Speak Out!



Sponsored by Mayor Sly James, Club KC is the place to be for youth ages 11-18!  They have live DJs, dancing, basketball, swim parties, video games, arts, robotics, digital literacy, empowering speakers, guest celebrities, concessions and so much more!  Safe, Fun and FROSTY (aka the Mayor’s way of saying ‘Cool’)!

Kids at three of these events took time away from the fun to speak out for a healthier community. We set up a pop-up I Am Here Youth Advocacy booths at the Tony Aguirre Community Center, Greg Klice Community Center, and The Boys and Girls Club Wagner Unit.

At the booths, kids voted for changes they want to see in their community and filled out postcards to tell Mayor James why these issues matter to them.

We collected over 120 postcards from those kids and we’ll send them to the Mayor’s office this week!

Overwhelmingly, kids are concerned with safety and their ability to walk and be outside in their neighborhood. Here is what just a few had to say:

“We need safer places to play for everyone’s safety. More safe places, less life taken.” | Daron, age 15

“There is a lot of crime and I’m just not used to it all. I want a safe place to play.” | Cristian, age 14

“Stop the shootings in the neighborhoods.” | Jamarian, age 13

“Being able to walk would be the best. Kids should be able to walk without problems.”| E’Veon, age 13

“We need to be able to walk so kids can safely participate in outdoor activities without feeling threatened or scared.”| Melanie, age 13

“We need safe places to play so kids won’t be scared to go outside.” | Anthony, age 13

“Being able to walk or bike in the neighborhood is important because we have to keep each other healthy and work together to reach a goal.”| Alma, age 15

“Being able to walk in my neighborhood is important because people get killed for nothing just walking or riding a bike.” | Ramadhan, age 13



Club KC Postcard


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