8 Tips to make your photo contest entry terrific



Want to really wow the judges of our Champions for Health photo contest? Here are some tips to take your images above and beyond the status quo.

  1. Clean your lens. Do all of your photos have that 1970s soft focus and it’s really not the look you’re going for? Every time you handle your phone, oils from your fingers can coat the camera lens. Use a clean microfiber cloth (the kind made for cleaning eyeglasses) to make sure the lens is clear.
  2. Turn your phone on its side. Traditional cameras were designed to take horizontal photos, but with the advent of camera phones, we’ve started taking vertical pictures, which are often cramped and lack visual interest. When you turn your phone sideways, you can create a photo that is more visually interesting. You can also get more of a setting into your shot, too, which helps the judges see more of what you see. Try it yourself: go out and find something tall, like a play structure. Snap it in vertical mode, then in horizontal mode. You’ll have to step back a bit, but you’ll likely get more sky, clouds, and kids in your shot, and that makes it nicer to look at.
  3. Be a little off-center. Make your photos more dynamic and more interesting by shifting your camera to the left or right so that your subject isn’t smack dab in the middle of your picture. If you want to get really nerdy about it, google “the rule of thirds.”
  4. Don’t stop at just one. Take multiple photos and get the shot from more than one angle. Then you’ll have lots to choose from for the photo contest.
  5. Catch some action. Action shots are more interesting than posed pictures.
  6. Put some people in it. Don’t just show us a field/street/sidewalk/lunchroom, show us kids doing what they do in those places.
  7. Size and crop your photo. For ultimate impact, photos need to be at least 1400 pixels on the long or tall side. Can you crop out any unnecessary or distracting objects or backgrounds?
  8. Keep it real: Remember, for the photo contest, we can’t accept pictures that have been altered with filters or other special effects. Only cropping and lightening the exposure are allowed.
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