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A Guide to Operating Farmers Markets in Kansas



Farmers markets across Kansas are subject to a wide variety of regulations that can either help them thrive or cause them to wither. A Guide to Operating Farmers Markets in Kansas is a five-part series outlining those policies in an effort to help communities support the growth and vitality of farmers markets throughout Kansas.

The guides were designed to help market organizers and key stakeholders understand policy implications so they can advocate for changes and anticipate the needs of a new or existing market. KC Healthy Kids provided guidance in the development of the series, which was created by the Public Health Law Center and funded by the Kansas Health Foundation.

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Part 1: Operating Kansas Farmers Markets in Kansas

An overview of the series, including sources, next steps, and policy implications at the state, local and market level.

Part 2: State Laws Impacting Farmers Markets in Kansas

A brief discussion of specific Kansas state laws and regulations that may impact specific aspects of a particular market or vendor.

Part 3: Farmers Market Vendor and Market Rules

A guide of considerations available to individual farmers markets in drafting their own internal rules.

Part 4: Local Government Regulation of Farmers Markets in Kansas

A guide for communities and government bodies on local laws impacting farmers markets.

Part 5: Organizational Structure of a Farmers Market

A discussion on the benefits of the Central Registration of Kansas Farmers Markets, non-profit status in Kansas, and potential tax exemptions available to farmers markets.



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