About Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition


To advocate for the greater Kansas City food system and promote food policies which positively impact the nutritional, economic, social and environmental health of the community.


All people in greater Kansas City will have access to healthy affordable food that nourishes individuals, communities, the local economy and the environment

Core Values

  • Cooperation: Building cooperation and unity among all components of the food system is beneficial.
  • Food Security: All people have the right and should have the ability to easily obtain healthy, safe and affordable food.
  • Local and Sustainable Solutions: Our community should support a local and regional food system that is economically and ecologically sound.
  • Health: Our food system should promote optimal health for all.
  • Education: Knowledge empowers individuals and communities.


  1. To increase institutional purchasing of locally grown food, thereby encouraging greater production of fresh, nutritious local foods and enhancing economic vitality of our region.
  2. To increase the availability and accessibility of retailers offering healthy, safe and affordable food, especially in underserved communities.

The Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition is an alliance of individuals, government representatives, businesses, and organizations representing all critical components of our local food system, including healthcare, agriculture, education, social services, food distribution, government, private business, nonprofit agencies, and others.

The Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition:

Beth Low-Smith, Director
Andrea Clark, Policy & Planning Associate

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee shares their expertise, skills, and time to further advance the strategic goals of the coalition. Many of the members are involved in initiatives of the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition including: Carrot Gold Partnership, Food Deserts Work Group and the Institutional Purchasing Work Group. Their contributions are invaluable in the coalition’s success.

Chairperson: Emily Lecuyer
Vice Chairperson: Karen Siebert
Secretary: Teresa Kelly
Treasurer: Cary Rivard
Past Chairperson: Beth Dawson