Reshape Your Community

Reshape Your Schools

More than a half million people in our six-county region go to schools to work, learn and play, and are there for at least 30-40 hours a week. With this large, captive audience, schools are a great place to set a standard for good health.

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Reshape Your Streets

In urban and rural areas, streets must be safe and welcoming for people of all abilities using any mode of travel. Active transportation makes our region more vibrant, our people more healthy.

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Reshape Your Space

Kids are more active when they have clean, safe parks and playgrounds nearby. In Johnson, Wyandotte and Jackson counties, more than 50% of people live within a half mile of a park. Those parks must be clean, safe and attractive. If families can walk to them, that’s even better.

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Students try local lettuce.

Reshape Your Plate

In a healthy food system, families don’t have to look very far to find affordable, locally grown food. They find it community gardens and at farmers markets in their neighborhoods. They find it at grocery stores, restaurants and even hospital and company cafeterias. 

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