Advocate for good food policy in Missouri on April 8



Join the Greater KC Food Policy Coalition and community partners across Missouri for Good Food Policy Advocacy Day on Wednesday, April 8. Why? Because small-scale farmers, restaurant and food service workers, food banks and pantries and food insecure families are struggling.

Our food system is facing challenges due to COVID-19. We need to support small-scale farmers committed to local and regional food markets because they are vital to Missouri’s agricultural economy and can provide healthy food for our communities. Kids and families need continuous access to nutritious food to stay healthy. Workers who have lost their income need access to affordable food. Those who can’t leave home for groceries due to their vulnerable health condition or lack of mobility still need access to healthy food.

Now is the time to support our food system. More than ever before, we need to support the infrastructure needed to move farmers’ healthy products those in need while creating employment for laid-off workers.

You can advocate for good food policy in three ways on April 8:

  • Call or email your elected officials using this advocacy templateFind Contact Info
  • Sign the online petition as an individual or organization to support our food system.
  • Post on social media using these sample posts, images and hashtags.
    • Our local food systems are vital to Missouri’s economy and can provide healthy food to our communities. #GoodFoodPolicy
    • Help small-scale farmers get their products to local consumers. #SupportMOFarmers
    • Connect local farmers and restaurants with excess product to food banks, pantries and meal sites. #SupportMOFamilies
    • Recruit laid-off workers to deliver food to elderly, homebound and food insecure people. #SupportMOFoodWorkers

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