Artists invited to submit qualifications for KC Voices



Our first round of works created for KC Voices have been so well received, we’re launching round two with a new request for qualifications. This time, one artist will be awarded a $1,000 commission.

KC Voices is a collaborative of organizations working with local neighborhoods to build organizing and advocacy capacity around policies that impact food security. Together, UMKC’s Center for Neighborhoods, Community Health Council of Wyandotte County, Historic Northeast-Midtown Association and KC Healthy Kids invite artists to explore specific policies such as SNAP (food stamps), WIC, school food and other programs contained in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization and 2018 Farm Bill.

Request for Qualifications

We believe storytelling helps change the way people think and talk about these policies by centering conversations around the experiences and priorities of advocates — in this case, residents of low-wealth, racially diverse neighborhoods. Rather than being passive recipients of policy decisions, residents serve as experts who can educate policy makers about the needs of their communities. Watch the video from the reception to hear what artists have to say about their works and experience.

The works will be displayed for an audience of policy decision makers and after exhibition, will live in, and be owned by, the communities they were created for.

Funding for this project was provided in whole by the Health Forward Foundation and the Convergence Partnership.

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