Complete Streets ordinance making its way through City Hall



Because of the hard work of the Complete KC Coalition and our champions at City Hall, the Complete Streets ordinance will go before KCMO City Council in the coming weeks.

Read the Ordinance

Complete streets are designed to be safe and accommodating for users of all ages, abilities and modes of transportation. Complete streets benefit communities by:

  • Contributing to better health outcomes
  • Increasing mobility in low-income and minority communities
  • Enhancing environmental sustainability
  • Spurring economic development
  • Improving safety for all modes of transportation

Here are three ways you can speak out for complete streets in KCMO today!

  1. Tell your city council member you support complete streets. We’ve made it easy for you to share your support through email or social media. Be sure to thank Mayor James and Councilpersons Justus, Wagner, Lucus, Fowler, Reed, Canady and McManus for co-sponsoring the ordinance! Send a Quick Note
  2. Join us at the Council’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting on Thursday, December 14th at 8:45 a.m. (subject to change) at City Hall on the 26th Floor.
  3. Spread the word! Follow @kchealthykids on social media and share our complete streets posts with friends and neighbors. The more people who speak out, the better chance the ordinance has of being passed. Use #CompleteKC

Thank you for speaking out for complete streets! To learn more, read about how Complete Streets make it safer for kids to walk to school.

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