Congratulations to our I Am Here Champions for Health



Nearly 100 kids came out last night to celebrate their new status as Champions of Health in Kansas City. We’d like to thank them and their teachers for their hard work to bring healthy changes to their communities.

Stony Point North in the Kansas City, Kansas Public School district won the grand prize and took home a total of $2,500. Congratulations, kids!

In the crowd that night were a number of people who offered to help the students reach their goals. Representatives from Fuel Up to Play 60 and Kansas City Community Gardens offered resources and some generous audience members even offered cash donations.

Two Girl Scout troops were recognized as Community Champions of Health for their efforts to reshape their communities.

Special thanks go to our volunteer photo/video crew: Phil Peterson, Scott Gibbons and Steve Wilson for capturing the excitement!

Border Star

Third graders at Border Star Montessori want to keep their composting program going and would like to build a greenhouse.


Stony Point

Fourth graders at Stony Point North want to turn the huge grassy area around their school into fields for soccer and flag football complete with a fitness path. They were selected as the Grand Prize Winner and took home a total of $2500 for their project.



Fifth graders from Meadowbrook Elementary want to build a disc golf course.


Prairie Elementary

Sixth graders at Prairie Elementary want to start a read-and-ride program so students can read books while they pedal on a stationary bike.


Summit Lakes

Seventh graders at Summit Lakes Elementary want to install vertical gardens near the front of their school to provide food for lunches, to beautify the area and to enhance student learning.


Missouri City

Eighth graders at Missouri City want to build a new playground for their school.


Girl Scout Troop 1236

Girl Scout Troop 1236 asked their city council to offer more farmers markets and to make biking and walking to school safer.


Girl Scout Troop 428

Girl Scout Troop 428 asked for healthy classroom rewards, fruit-based desserts at lunch and classroom celebrations without sugary treats.


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