Cyclone Sprinters get families moving with fun run



Students at Edgerton Elementary have made a big difference the school’s annual Fun Run. With the help of their Cyclone Sprinter sponsors, librarian Crysta Baier and Title 1 reading teacher Kim McEntee, the students entered the I Am Here photo contest to raise money for the run. The teachers chose some students who they thought of as “unlikely leaders” for the project.

See Their Submission

“They are all great students, but they’re not the ones who are usually chosen for leadership opportunities. We knew they could do it, and they have really shined through the entire process,” said McEntee.

The students received $1,000 as the 4th grade winners and were invited to attend KC Healthy Kids’ Champions for Health Youth Summit where they heard keynote speakers and attended breakout sessions on farm to school, walkable communities and more.

“It was one on the best days of my life. I can’t wait to live my life more healthy,” said one student after the summit. They have all taken that energy back to their friends at school.

The Cyclone Sprinters running club has been around for 7 years and their culminating activity is the Family Fun Run. The students decided to use their funds to buy water bottles and granola bars for running club practices, prizes for the winners in each age level, and official race bibs, which the’ve never had before. Because of the students’ enthusiasm, there are more kids than ever in the Cyclone Sprinters running club.

Bring your school together with a Fun Run

Baier and McEntee have the following advice for starting a fun run at your school:

  1. You must have buy in from the school leadership and staff. All the teachers serve as course monitors and volunteers for the run. They are very lucky to have such committed colleagues to assist with run each year.
  2. Find the right person in the city to help you with permits. They mentioned that the first couple of years they filled out a different set of forms in a different department each year. Once they were able to build a relationship with the city, it has been much easier and they have a single point of contact now.
  3. Offer something for all members of the school community. Besides the Fun Run, offer activities for people of all ages and ability levels. Healthy smoothies and a book fair were a hit at Edgerton. Even kids and families who weren’t running could cheer on the students, get a healthy snack and take home some new books before summer break.


Sponsors Crysta Baier and Kim McEntee show off this year’s prizes.

See Edgerton Elementary’s winning photo contest submission

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