The Farmhouse sets gold standard in River Market



The Farmhouse has been named a 24 Carrot Gold partner in KC Healthy Kids’ Carrot Gold program.

A “farm-to-table, tip-to-tail” restaurant in the River Market, Farmhouse is recognized for excellence in supporting local food producers, acting sustainably and offering healthy choices.

Chef Michael Foust offers a soulful, seasonal menu featuring fresh ingredients from 15 local and sustainable farmers. He works with local producers to provide produce, dairy, eggs and meat, which is processed at the restaurant.

“Most chefs refuse delivery during dining hours and most restaurants have signs on their back door saying just that. Foust is not one of those chefs. He welcomes the farmer bringing goods anytime s/he arrives,” says Alicia Ellingsworth, KC Healthy Kids’ farm to institution manager and head of the Carrot Gold program.

“We cannot predict when the rain might stop and allow harvest. Those folks go through a lot to grow the best food. I’m not going to add to their load by setting business hours for them,” Foust says. “My business revolves around them. I need those guys!”

To cut food waste, chefs use nearly every part of their ingredients, creating stocks and sauces for the kitchen and syrups for the bar. The menu lists items prepared in a more healthful way, like baking and steaming instead of frying.

The Farmhouse is located on the streetcar line and has a bicycle rack for customers to promote walking, biking and taking public transit.

Foust has worked with KC Healthy Kids’ Farm to School Academy, helping staff explore ways to prepare local produce, and creating kid-approved menu items for schools, like Park Hill’s man-eating meatball.

Carrot Gold is a customizable program that lets restaurants, hospitals, colleges and corporations “start where they are” and move their operations toward their own ideal level of excellence in local food sourcing, sustainability and healthy eating.

Photo: The Farmhouse





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