Food from Splitlog Farm nourishes kids and families in KCK



At Splitlog Farm and Orchard in KCK, we’re partnering with Community Housing of Wyandotte County to grow fresh produce for the community. This summer, that little farm fed a lot of people! 

  • 1500 students at M.E. Pearson, Whittier and Stony Point North schools in KCK were served cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes and leafy greens at school meals in August. With a new produce washing station, farm manager Ashly Meek was able to deliver the food triple-washed and ready to go. This is important because many schools don’t have the equipment they need to wash farm-fresh produce.
  • 35 families signed up for free farm shares. They picked up bundles of fresh local produce every week through the growing season.
  • 213 free meals were served at the farm in June and July through Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Summer Mobile Meals program. That’s more than double the number served in the past 2 years!
  • 1,000 lbs of produce was harvested by staff and volunteers harvested over June, July and August.

“These numbers show how important urban farms are in building a strong local food system where families don’t have to go far to find affordable, locally grown food,” says Rachael McGinnis Millsap, farm to institution director at KC Healthy Kids.

Community Housing of Wyandotte County established Splitlog Farm and Orchard in 2014 to support their community building and engagement goals and in 2018, formed a partnership with KC Healthy Kids to operate the farm.

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