How to get to The Fontaine on October 17 via River Market



Experience farm to table in Kansas City style when you join KC Healthy Kids for our first ever progressive dinner on Tuesday, October 17. The adventure features three separate routes for course tastings with our Carrot Gold partners. Then, everyone meets up on the rooftop of The Fontaine for drinks and dessert. Come hang out with fellow farm to table foodies and get to know Carrot Gold and the power of a robust farm to table network.

Farmhouse >> Howard’s >> The Fontaine
6:00 – 8:00 pm  First & Second Stops
7:00 – 10:00 pm  Rooftop of The Fontaine on the Country Club Plaza

But first, you need a ticket!

If we draw your name for the progressive dinner route that begins in the Historic River Market district, you can travel part of your journey by street car.

The bustling Historic River Market is the first and oldest incorporated district in Kansas City. It brings to mind riverboats, barges and mafia activity of the Pendergast era.

Today, it’s a great place to spend the day enjoying independent shops and restaurants, a walking trail and park along the Big Muddy.

At the heart of it all sits City Market, where you can buy Mediterranean spices, Vietnamese coffee, Brazilian cheese bread, Italian sausages, Indian samosas, Chinese dumplings, Ethiopian sambusas, Mexican/Korean sandwiches, locally sourced meats, locally grown produce and…you get the idea.

But you’ll have to try all of that later, because the first stop on your progressive dinner route is the The Farmhouse, a Carrot Gold partner and “farm-to-table, tip-to-tail” restaurant. Chef Michael Foust offers a soulful, seasonal menu featuring fresh ingredients from 15 local and sustainable farmers. He works with local producers to provide produce, dairy, eggs and meat, which is processed at the restaurant.

Ajani Nosakhere will be your host at The Farmhouse. On Fridays you’ll find Ajani at the Ivanhoe Farmers Market selling her crops. When she isn’t busy growing seasonal produce, she’s foraging all over town. She knows where to find antique apples or hickory nuts. Anjani always has a remedy for the any aches and pains that can come with gardening – she is a massage therapist, too.

When you’re ready to peel yourself away from this charming corner of the River Market, head to Howard’s Grocery, Cafe and Catering, where you’ll find a little farm to table oasis in the Crossroads East neighborhood.

As a Carrot Gold partner, Howard’s is recognized for excellence in supporting local food producers, acting sustainably and offering healthy choices. At the peak of the season, owner Craig Howard sources from as many as 15 farmers, and even in the dead of winter, you’ll find local items on the menu. He’s growing food onsight and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a tree that produces a different variety of apple on every branch.

Elisa Bedsworth will be your host at Howard’s. She started the Raytown Farmers market five years ago. While still involved there she is also the market manager of Ivanhoe Farmers Market. Part of her emphasis is to educate new growers and local food producers in what they need to know when becoming part of Kansas City’s urban agriculture scene.

Chef Scott Blackerby of The Fontaine is new to town, but a connection he made early on, with Alicia Ellingsworth and our Carrot Gold program, will make it easier to reach local farmers and continue the farm to table tradition he values. As a Carrot Gold partner, the hotel’s 901 West dining room and Solarium Lounge are recognized for excellence in local sourcing, sustainable kitchen operations and healthy menu items. His sourcing local, seasonal produce and meat goes back to his time at restaurants from places including Los Angeles to Dubai to Mackinac Island. And he’s committed to the same policies around sustainability, including 100 percent composting and 100 percent recycling.

Here are some ways we work with communities in the Historic River Market, East Crossroads and Midtown Kansas City, which you’ll pass through on your way to The Fontaine:

Double Up Food Bucks is a program that KC Healthy Kids helped bring to Kansas City. For every dollar SNAP users spend on any produce, they get a dollar to spend on locally grown produce during that trip or later on. Double Up can be found at grocery stores and farmers markets in Kansas and Missouri, including City Market.

Our Carrot Gold partners in these neighborhoods are:

  • Locally Sourced Meats
  • Hallmark Crown Room
  • Saint Luke’s Hospital
  • The Sundry, now located in the new PlexPod

Kansas City Public Schools and Citizens of the World Charter Schools are partners in our Farm to School Academy, where cafeteria staff get training, stakeholders and district directors can share their successes and struggles, teachers can get resources, students can taste local produce and parents can get recipes. Where is this amazing place you ask? It’s in more than 50 schools and community centers.

City Hall is a downtown landmark just to the north of Howard’s. The elected officials who pass through those beautiful art deco doors every day are critical in our work to strengthen our local food system, increase access to fresh, affordable food, and improve walkability throughout KCMO.

Currently, we are working with the American Heart Association KC and BikeWalkKC to ask KCMO’s City Council to adopt a Complete Streets ordinance to make streets safe and accessible for users of all ages, abilities and transportation modes.

Our Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition helps our city’s leaders understand the impact their decisions have on the health of citizens with site visits to urban farms and grocery stores. The coalition created the Grocery Access Task Force which made recommendations for how to increase the number of full service grocery stores in food deserts. Another project of the coalition is an effort to make it easier to grocery shop by bus, providing resources, recipes and signage for transit riders.

Learn more about how KC Healthy Kids is reshaping our region for a brighter future.

However you get there, we’ll see you on the rooftop of The Fontaine for dessert and drinks!



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