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I Am Here and Fuel Up to Play 60 team up to empower kids



Our I Am Here Youth Advocacy program has teamed with Fuel Up to Play 60 to offer complementary programs that shape students into leaders while helping them improve the health and wellness of their schools and communities.

Like us, Fuel Up to Play 60 is committed to improving the health of the greater Kansas City metro area by empowering kids, supporting teachers with standard based lesson plans, and providing schools with opportunities for funding and rewards to improve the health of their students.

Just take a look at what Stony Point North in the Kansas City Kansas school district was able to do this year! The school has made huge strides to improve access to healthy eating and active living while building student leaders by participating in I Am Here and Fuel up to Play 60.

As a Fuel Up to Play 60 school, Stony Point North applied for and received the Farm to School Play grant. With this funding, the school offered a taste testing of smoothies made with local dairy and fruit. KC Healthy Kids’ Farm to School program brought Chef Margaret Turner in to show students how to make them.  Students also wanted to grow produce for future tastings, so they installed six raised garden beds with the help of another partner, Kansas City Community Gardens.

While students were doing their school wide investigation for Fuel Up to Play 60, they learned how to advocate for healthy communities through I Am Here.  The I Am Here Youth Advocacy program teaches students how their surroundings impact their health and how to create change through advocacy by providing ready-made standard based lesson plans and activities for teachers to use during the school day.

The students submitted photos of their investigation to the annual I Am Here photo contest. In this year’s contest, the fifth graders received an honorable mention award and a $100 prize for a health and wellness project. The fourth grader were the grade level winners and received a $1,000 prize! Because they already had made improvements in healthy eating with support from Fuel Up to Play 60, the students wanted to make it easier for all kids to get active. So at the I Am Here Awards, the fourth grade students gave a “shark tank” style pitch to share their big idea to convert their empty field into an athletic field and walking track.

The fourth graders really wowed the crowd with their presentation, and because of all their hard work, they were awarded the grand prize!  Several community members offered to help, and one even pledged to donate $500 right on the spot! So in total, fourth and fifth graders at Stony Point North earned $3,100 for their project just by participating in I Am Here!

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