Jax Kansas City is serious about sustainability when it comes to seafood and more



Jax Fish House and Oyster Bar brings sustainable seafood to the no-coast Country Club Plaza, and has been since 2014. As a Carrot Gold partner this newcomer to Kansas City is recognized for excellence in supporting local food producers, acting sustainably and offering healthy menu choices.

Chef Jeff Deitzler’s passion for creating a positive dining experience and Sheila Lucero’s affiliation with several restaurant awards make them both integral in creating an impressive Jax Kansas City. In September, Lucero took part in the James Beard Foundation’s Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change.

Notable is Chef Jeff’s dedication to local sourcing and sustainability. When opening in Kansas City, Jeff and the restaurant’s staff visited local farms to develop relationships. Also, Jeff has worked hard to track down only the highest quality, freshest, sustainably raised seafood for the restaurant. He partners with fishmongers across the country. All this is reflected in the truly unique dining experience at Jax.

Jeff is vigilant when it comes to composting and recycling. Although there are limits to what he can do within the confines of the Country Club Plaza (limited parking, storage and some rules against it), he remains committed.

“Chef Jeff Deitzler is so committed to sustainability that he is looking for ways to compost his oyster shells,” says Alicia Ellingsworth, who manages the Carrot Gold program for KC Healthy Kids.

From fresh clams, Alaskan king crab, live Maine lobsters to seafood pastas, and blue crab cakes, there is much to enjoy. Jax offers many ways to enjoy it as well, including event catering and an elegant event space, plus a roving oyster bar, crab boils, oyster club, and live music. If you’re reading this toward the end of your work day, you might like to know that Jax is said to have one of the best happy hours in town.

The first chain restaurant to be a Carrot Gold partner, Jax is a seafood company that values sustainable harvesting and local sourcing. It’s also the first restaurant in Colorado to be accredited by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. Jax uses seafood only from the “green list,” considered the program’s best choices, which means the seafood is “caught or farmed in ways that cause little harm to habitats or other wildlife.” They make sure they are buying from people using fishing methods consistent with their principles.

Want to learn more about sustainable seafood? The Jax KC site can help. Here you can learn the ways shrimp are caught (like the bottom trawl method), the difference between farm raised and wild caught salmon, which regions are best for catching quality salmon, the ins and outs of oyster farming, specifically the Emersum oyster (unique to Jax) and much more.

Chef Jeff also blogs about his food adventures in Japan. Peruse this information and you can’t help but see the dedication and seriousness Jax takes when it comes to global oceanic fish stocks and sustainable choices.

For a healthy ocean when choosing seafood, use this Seafood Watch app.

Carrot Gold grows the demand for local food and keeps farmers farming. It’s a network of restaurants and institutions that are setting the standard for local food purchasing, sustainable kitchen practices and healthy menu options. The growing list of partners includes restaurants, schools, corporate cafeterias, government facilities, grocery stores, value-added producers, and food trucks.

By Colleen Lockett

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