Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition: Get Involved

Want to get more involved with your local food system? Here are three things you can do:

1. Support Good Food Advocacy

When it comes to shaping food policy, we’re committed to ensuring that all people have a seat at the table. That’s why paid membership is not required for participation. But effective advocacy work involves costs not typically covered by grants. We need your help to cover meeting, staffing and lobbying costs so that we can continue providing high impact, community engaged advocacy.

2. Join Us at Spring and Fall Luncheons

Twice a year, we gather the full coalition to celebrate the progress we are all making toward improving access to healthy food and promoting local food.  At each meeting, you’ll hear from guest speakers and have a chance to share a 1-minute success story! Everyone is welcome to attend. Please register online.

At the spring luncheons, we talk about food deserts and hunger; at the fall luncheons, we discuss institutional purchasing.

3. Join a Work Group

Work groups are free and open to the public, but registration is required. Please register online.

Food Access Work Group
This group works with community advocates and city, county, and state staff and elected officials to improve healthy food access in all communities. Please attend Food Deserts Working Group meetings if:

  • You are an organization or business working to increase access to, affordability of, or consumption of healthy foods in under-served communities.
  • You are a community member interested in advocating for better access and affordability of healthy foods in under-served communities.
  • You are an elected official or government staff person working to address healthy food access challenges.

Institutional Purchasing Work Group
Like consumers, food service providers vote with their food dollars every day. When restaurants, corporate cafeterias and other food service operations buy from local growers, they can help strengthen our local food system (and our economy) while offering more healthy choices to customers and employees. Please come to meetings of this group if you are:

  • A food service director, chef, restauranteur or other professional willing to share your expertise with peers as they implement best practices, procure and use local foods.
  • A local grower interested in selling to distributors, institutions, food service companies and other producers.
  • Interested in advocating for policies related to institutional purchasing at the local, county or state level.

Contact Mamiko Vuillemin at 816.523.5353 or