Making grocery shopping more “fare”

Our summer intern, Evan Pilkington, explores what people have to say about transportation and healthy eating.

Transportation and healthy food may seem unrelated at first, but talk to people who rely on public transit as their way to and from the grocery store, and you’ll begin to see the picture more clearly.

This summer I interviewed several people from the Kansas City area about the obstacles they and others face when it comes to getting fresh, healthy food. For this series, I was inspired by the popular blog series, “Humans of New York.” Here are a few quotes from what were some very enlightening conversations about an issue that’s so important to the community.


“If buses had a cubby hole for passengers to put things, I think it would help a lot of people with the transport of foods from the store to their home because they could transport more.”

-Dolores (Kansas City, Missouri)



“… the seniors could get more help. I know there is a lot of seniors in these high rise apartments that can’t make it down here… They used to have a program where they would bring them down in a bus. So they did it for one year and for whatever reason they stopped.”

– Beverly Pender (Kansas City, Kansas)



“Kansas City doesn’t necessarily have the most thorough public transportation service, and so often, many families simply go to their nearest grocer. And the health food stores will always be found in gentrified neighborhood, away from the needs of our most vulnerable citizens.”

-Gabriela Orrego (Kansas City, Missouri)


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