New season extension guide helps Kansas farmers grow all year



A new resource from KC Healthy Kids and the Public Health Law Center will help Kansas gardeners and farmers better understand policies relating to season extension activities.

Local Policy Options: Overcoming Barriers to Season Extension not only digs into zoning and building codes, it offers tips for fostering changes in policies and establishing funding streams. You’ll also find helpful information on:

  • Permanent and semi-permanent protective structures
  • Wind-breaks, non-structural coverings, and small protective enclosures
  • Zoning and land-use laws
  • Construction regulations and other building rules
  • Nuisance claims and anti-nuisance laws
  • Water usage & water-related regulations
  • Other local regulations, policies, and community programs

The new guide is a follow up to A Guide to Operating Farmers Markets in Kansas, a five part series the two agencies published in 2014. The series outlines policies in to help communities support the growth and vitality of farmers markets throughout Kansas.

KC Healthy Kids promotes policies that make our bi-state, 9-county region a healthier place to live-with fresh, affordable and locally grown food, and safe places to walk, bike and play.

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