Olathe Girl Scouts give back while getting healthy



At a Brownie Quest workshop we created just for them, Girl Scout Troop 428 learned how to practice healthy habits in their own lives and how to create healthier communities. They set personal health goals, investigated how neighborhoods can promote or hinder health, and wrote to city leaders about the barriers to health they have seen in their own community.

The scouts also wrote to school principals, food service members and their classroom teachers about the need for healthy food options during the school day. They advocated for healthy classroom rewards instead of the junk basket, healthy fruit based desserts during lunch, and class birthday parties without sugary treats.

The girls did not stop with advocating for healthier food in their lives, they also created an action plan to make their neighborhood healthier. They made big plans to celebrate Halloween in a healthy way while giving back to others. To help reduce the amount of candy consumed by them and their friends and to help provide care packages to active duty military members, the girls organized a Halloween Give Back event and collected more than 200 pounds of candy from their friends, family, and neighbors to send to Operation Gratitude. That’s approximately 400,000 excess calories from sweets they removed from the diet of kids and families in their neighborhood!

Want to get involved? Register your troop today for our February 27th or April 16th workshops.

Candy Collection 800

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