Precious Petals and Pepper Berries



Precious Petals and Pepper Berries has joined KC Healthy Kids’ Carrot Gold program. The catering company and urban farm is recognized for excellence in supporting local food producers, acting sustainably and offering healthy menu choices.

Christine Williams is passionate about growing, cooking and teaching kids about healthy food. In 2004, her family expanded their floral design business to cater events and weddings. Chef Chris and her family grow most of their own flowers, herbs and produce and purchase locally when possible.


The urban farm, located in Independence, is their main focus these days. They are building a processing kitchen and a sample garden to teach people how to grow, cook and preserve homegrown food.

Along with produce from their urban farm, they sell jams and jellies made with local produce at several farmers markets around Kansas City.

Chef Chris is active in the community teaching kids and adults how to cook healthy food using fresh vegetables. In 2017, KC Healthy Kids’ Farm to School Academy partnered with Chef Chris to do “Tasting Local” events in schools for students.

To learn more about Carrot Gold, visit our website. Carrot Gold grows the demand for local food and keeps farmers farming. It’s a network of restaurants and institutions that are setting the standard for local food purchasing, sustainable kitchen practices and healthy menu options.

Photos: Precious Petals and Pepper Berries

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