Healthy Communities Advocacy

Our policy team puts their experience and expertise to use speaking out for policies that make our bi-state, 9-county region a healthier place to live — with healthy, affordable food and safe places to walk, bike and play.


Current Initiatives

COVID-19 Policy Resources
Our policy team has collected information and resources about food access, food policy, food systems and physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kansas Sales Tax on Food
We are leading the charge to reduce the burden of food sales taxes in Kansas. At 6.5%, the tax is second highest in the nation. Learn how it hurts Kansans and how you can help.


Past Initiatives
Community Use of School Property in Missouri
This series of guides and webinars helps neighborhood and community groups work with school districts to establish or modify community use policies and develop and maintain highly successful agreements.

Fresh Food Financing
Fresh food financing is a policy initiative that helps put healthier foods in all communities by offering grocers financial tools tailored to address the range of barriers they face.


Advocacy Tools
Find Your Legislator
Advocacy Templates
Influencing Elected Officials in Kansas webinar   Slides   Recording
Advocating for City and County Food Systems webinar   Slides   Recording



Better by Bus: Ways to Improve Grocery Shopping by Bus in the Kansas City Metro (2019)
Season Extension Activities in Kansas: Legal Issues and Local Policy Options (2017)
Kansas Sales Tax on Food Report Series (2015)
A Guide to Operating Farmers Markets in Kansas (2014)
Stimulating Supermarket Development in Bi-State Kansas City (2013)

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