Quest gets Brownies talking about healthy communities



Girls from three area Brownie troops found out they have power when it comes to speaking out for healthy communities. At a Brownie Quest workshop we created just for them, they learned how to practice healthy habits in their own lives and how to create healthier communities. They set personal health goals, investigated how neighborhoods can promote or hinder health, and wrote to city leaders about barriers to health they have seen in their own community.

The Brownies, who were from Olathe, Roeland Park and Grandview, wrote letters asking city and school leaders for bike lanes, more farmers markets, healthy classroom parties and more healthy options in their school cafeterias. After finishing their letters, the girls got to show off their ideas in our Speak Out photo booth!

They also created action plans for making their neighborhoods healthier. Here’s what they have their eyes on:

  • Cleaning up a community soccer field so more teams can play
  • Collecting left over Halloween candy to send to Operation Gratitude and members of the military to help reduce the amount of candy consumed by them and their friends
  • Conducting a photo safari of their neighborhoods and organizing submissions to KC Healthy Kids’ photo contest on behalf of their schools
  • Hosting a healthy October 31st Founders Day troop party that will include healthy snacks and some of the games and healthy messaging they learned at our workshop

“It was so much fun to work with these amazing girls and troop leaders,” said Michelle Dake, youth advocacy educator who coordinates I Am Here Youth Advocacy program and photo contest.


We just heard from scout leader Stephanie Nielsen about what happened after the workshop:

At the KC healthy Kids event in October, one of the tasks the girls had to do was write a letter to a civic leader with ideas they had for their community to be healthier. We of course decided to write to our awesome Mayor. We knew we could count on a certain Brownie’s dad to be the right person for our troop to write to, and we were right!

“This afternoon, Mayor Marquardt contacted me concerning his response to the girls’ letters. He invited us to attend a city council meeting in November at City Hall, where he will have “Roesland Brownie Girl Scouts” as the first agenda item! How cool is that? And what an awesome opportunity for the girls!

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