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Recipe contest brings out the healthy cook in kids like champ Aubrey Bass



Our Ultimate Eat Local Recipe Challenge gives young cooks a chance to shine. Last year’s challenge winner, fifth-grader Aubrey Bass, sat down with Rachael McGinnis Millsap for a chat about food, family and fun. Aubrey shopped at Drumm Farm for ingredients for her winning Chef Salad. She also entered recipes for Veggies with Ranch, Nutella Berries and Apple Sandwich. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with for this year’s contest! 

Is there a kid in your life who loves to cook? You can help them create a recipe and enter the contest. Get Details

RM: Do you have a garden at home?
AB: Yes! We grow flowers… tomatoes… I like the plain big ones. My grandma lives on a farm. Well, not a farm farm, but she has chickens and rabbits and she grows lots of lettuce.

RM: What are your favorite fruits and vegetables?
AB: I love pomegranates and raspberries and carrots.

RM: What do you tell your four brothers about being healthy?
AB: I tell them that when we go out to eat we should get more salads.

RM: What do you tell your friends about eating healthy?
AB: I was doing a sleepover during the Superbowl and there was a bunch of unhealthy food at the party. We saw a commercial for something that looked really healthy so I tried to make it. Everyone really liked it!

RM: How is your school lunch?
AB: Sometimes it’s really good and sometimes it’s not. We have green beans, oranges and I love that. We also have apples that are pretty good.

RM: Would you like to have more farm fresh food on the menu?
AB: Yes! More fruit would be good. They have a lot of healthy stuff like strawberries and apples that are great. The tomatoes were pretty soggy and I don’t like them that much. I love the eggs in salad.

RM: What do you like to cook at home?
AB: I make tacos and spaghetti for dinners. I make desserts with my grandma.

RM: What’s your favorite thing to cook?
AB: I love cooking holiday dinners with my family. We have a big family and a farm on my mom’s side and we do Thanksgiving and Christmas. We always make green bean casserole and I try to cook with everyone and make it fun.

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