School readiness starts with reading



Reading aloud to your child is a great activity you can continue for years to come. Children love to be read to!  When your baby hears you reading they are developing social, emotional, thinking and language skills. Here are a few tips to promote early literacy in your home:

  1. Explore the book: Your child may want to choose the book, turn the pages or hold the book.  
  2. Point to words as you read them: Ask your child to point to the dog, horse, etc.
  3. Follow your child’s lead:  Don’t worry about reading the whole book. 
  4. Ask questions: pause for your child to ask questions and answer back.
  5. Help make the story personal. Don’t feel like you have to read word by word in the book. You can also tell stories to your child while they are nursing, eating or bathing. 
  6. Model literacy: seeing you read teaches your child the value of reading. 
  7. Read wherever you go: point out signs while in the car or doctor’s office
  8. Read everyday: Set scheduled reading time each day when your child is most alert.
  9. Read longer when it’s time: Start to include books that are longer as your child shows more interest.

Each of these moments creates an opportunity to build a deeper connection with your child and to build those important skills needed for school readiness and success. 

Some recent favorites from Bright Horizon’s Growing Readers Books of Excellence and Notables include:

Find other notable books for babies. Enjoy reading as a wonderful opportunity to connect with your infant and build his or her reading brain.

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  By Jennifer Robinson, Community Navigator 

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