Speak up to protect SNAP in Missouri

The Missouri General Assembly is considering legislation that would limit access to SNAP benefits (food stamps). Senate Bill 4, sponsored by Senator David Sader would threaten to take away SNAP from more than 45,000 households across the state. Now is the time to speak out!

Senate Bill 4 would create additional administrative hoops for complying with work requirements and would punish all other household members, including kids when people are unable to comply. The bill received a public hearing in January with more than 20 organizations working with low-income Missouri families testified against while only one individual, an out of state lobbyist, spoke in favor. Nevertheless the Senate Committee on Seniors, Families and Children passed the bill by the vote of 4 – 1. The bill is currently on the Senate’s informal calendar, meaning it could be taken up for a floor debate at any time.

Any cuts to SNAP would increase food insecurity while hurting grocers, farmers and the Missouri economy.

We need Missouri advocates to contact their state legislators and urge them to vote NO on Senate Bill 4. Our phone script makes it easy.

Read KC Healthy Kids testimony against Senate Bill 4


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