Students think globally, eat locally with tasting events from Farm to School Academy



Citizens of the World, a Kansas City, Missouri charter school, has partnered with our Farm to School Academy and Urbavore Urban Farm to hold two Local Tasting events a year for the past 4 years.

For this week’s tasting, Urbavore provided summer vegetables for our farm to school chef, Chris Williams, to make gazpacho. Students in grades K-6 tasted the recipe and voted on whether they liked it (they did!). They learned about eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables, and tried something new. The school made it a zero-waste event, and even food scraps were sent back to Urbavore for composting.

“Percy, for one, likes salad A LOT more than he did before,” said Dan Heryer after an earlier tasting. Dan and Brooke Salvaggio, who created Urbavore, are well-known in Kansas City for their urban farming and local food advocacy. Their son Percy attends the school.

“Overall more students voted that they like the recipe than did not and students are always excited to participate,” says Amanda Quance, Director of Curriculum Integration & Educational Partnerships. “They are consistently brave in trying new foods – even if they don’t like them.”

Young Percy with Dan, tractor with compost trailer

Photos: Citizens of the World and Urbavore Farm

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