Thank you Briarwood Bulldogs Walking Club!



First graders at Briarwood Elementary in Prairie Village surprised us big time with a gift of $500 their walking club raised for KC Healthy Kids!

It all started when Emily Ruble’s first grade class at Briarwood Elementary in Prairie Village had a problem. Their playground was closed for repairs and the blacktop was too small for everyone to play on. So they looked around and came up with a fun way to use their walking path—they start a walking club and asked local businesses to sponsor them. AB May, AYC Fitness, Discover Vision Centers and Long Real Estate gave them 50 cents for every mile and those kids walked a total of 546.25 miles!

Students walked during recess and got a round bead for every lap. On the fourth lap, they got a star- or heart-shaped bead to signify one mile walked.

One super walker, Umango, walked 40 miles. That’s right — FORTY! Ms. Ruble had to make a special place for his stars on the miles board.


They tracked their progress on the Walking Club Board, and also posted writing exercises they did about the project.

They made about 50 positive and encouraging posters to hang up outside during the all-school Briarwood Walking Club Day they hosted, so we made a poster to say thank you, and delivered it during recess to walk with them. They were thrilled to know that their gift would help more kids speak out for healthy communities.

“My students are very proud of themselves,” said Ms. Ruble. “Our school is in a fairly affluent community, and our fundraisers typically focus on getting donations from our families. But this time, students didn’t go home and ask their parents for money. They gave up their recess and counted their miles. The kids got to do something on their own, and they felt good about that,” she added.

Ms. Ruble made a video to invite the whole school to Walking Club Day and explain how it works. Check it out if you want to start a walking club at your school!


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