Woodside gets the gold for healthy options all around



Woodside Health & Tennis Club has joined KC Healthy Kids’ Carrot Gold program. The private fitness center is recognized for excellence in supporting local food producers, acting sustainably and offering healthy menu choices.

Members enjoy seasonal menus and locally-sourced ingredients whether they are having a meal at The Kitchen or grabbing something quick from Earthbar on their way in or out.

Calorie counts in restaurant and take out meals generally come in around 500-600. Nick says the numbers are much easier to stomach than the 900+ counts at a popular chain restaurant he has worked for in the past.

The club offers chef-led cooking classes, food and drink tastings, a non-alcoholic mocktail menu, and other nutrition-focused events and offerings.

Chef Nick Janner plans his menu around seasonally available ingredients from local farms like Moon on the Meadow and Pat & Rachel’s Gardens. Staff visits to local farms are featured on Woodside’s blog to help generate excitement about local food.

Nick works closely with produce wholesaler C&C Produce. Depending on the season, his rep lets him know what’s available, and Nick plans his menus accordingly.

Buttonwood Farm makes weekly deliveries of fresh and frozen natural, pasture-raised poultry and eggs to restaurants, stores, and community supported agriculture programs in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, and Jefferson City.

All food served at Woodside, including hot dogs for kids’ parties, must align with the club’s “6 Standards of Quality,” which call for humanely-raised and hormone/antibiotic free meats, organic produce, and wild caught fish.

To learn more about Carrot Gold, visit our website. Carrot Gold grows the demand for local food and keeps farmers farming. It’s a network of restaurants and institutions that are setting the standard for local food purchasing, sustainable kitchen practices and healthy menu options.

Photos: Woodside Health & Tennis Club


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