KC Healthy Kids was established in 2005 to remove barriers to healthy habits for communities across the region. Over the years, we’ve seen difficult times that make our job more challenging, and our mission that much more important. While the coronavirus (COVID-19) is very different from anything we’ve seen before, we’ll continue to be here for our communities.

COVID-19 News & Resources

Youth Leadership

We work in schools to teach kids how their surroundings shape their health, and how to speak out for change. Our programs offer opportunities for kids to apply what they learn and make meaningful community changes.

Champions for Health
The Walking Detective

Mental Health

Kids need to grow up feeling supported and accepted, especially if they have experienced trauma. That’s why KC Healthy Kids partners with communities to create a culture of acceptance and good mental health practices.

Trauma Informed Care
Mental Health Resources

Early Education

KC Healthy Kids recognizes that the first five years of life are critical to healthy development. That’s why we partner with families and early learning professionals to build a strong foundation for future academic success.

Local Food & Food Policy

Expert staff at KC Healthy Kids help community partners to strengthen our regional food system and improve access to healthy foods. We connect local farmers with schools and restaurants to teach kids where their food comes from and to help farmers produce and market healthy food, and we put our proven experience and expertise behind community advocacy efforts for sustainable, equitable changes that result in healthier communities.

Farm to School Academy
Splitlog Farm & Orchard
Beginning farmer Wholesale Project
Fare Food Shopping
Kansas Alliance for Wellness
Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition