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Thousands of people in the Kansas City region rely on public transportation to access healthy, affordable food. That’s why the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition is working with representatives from local transportation agencies to improve grocery shopping by bus.


Project Updates

Zero Fare Transit
What would you do with an extra $50 a month? That’s what zero fare transit could save for people who depend on the city bus to get around. For a family, bus passes can easily add up to $2,000 a year. That savings could go a long way at the grocery store. Learn more about how you can support zero fare transit in Kansas City, Missouri and beyond.

Support Zero Fare Transit

New Report Published!
Between 2016 and 2018, we took a close look at the barriers and challenges riders face. Our 2019 Better by Bus report highlights key findings and outlines the steps decision makers, grocers and community members can take to improve grocery shopping by bus. We also made a list of targeted repairs and improvements that would make grocery shopping by bus safer and more accessible for riders.

Read the Report

Shop by Bus
Find grocery stores on your bus route. Our Shop by Bus map locates grocery stores near RideKC bus stops and tells you if they accept SNAP and WIC or offer Double Up Food Bucks. If you prefer a paper map or would like to distribute them at your organization, contact Andrea at aclark@kchealthykids.org or 816-523-5353.

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Tips for Shopping by Bus

Save Money with a Day Pass
If you board at least three times in one day, you can save money with the Day Pass. Be sure to ask the bus operator for the pass before depositing $3 exact cash in the farebox. The pass expires at midnight and there’s no need for a transfer. The Day Pass is valid only on local service in Kansas City, Johnson County, Wyandotte County and Independence. The Day Pass is not valid for commuter express routes in Missouri. To use the Day Pass, simply swipe the pass in the reader on top of the farebox. On UG Transit, just show the bus operator your pass. The KC Streetcar is free to ride, so no fare or pass is needed.

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Make a List (and stick to it)
Use a grocery list and menu plan to estimate how much you’ll spend and how many bags you may need.

Plan your Meals 
You can save time and and money at the grocery store when you plan your meals on a weekly basis. That way, you can pick out ingredients to use in more than one dish and lighten the load of your grocery bags.

Tips for Menu Planning
Meal Planning Template

Find a Recipe 
Healthy ingredients don’t have to be expensive or heavy. These recipes call for items that are easy to carry, can fit in a single bag and won’t spoil on your way home.  The recipes also highlight SNAP and WIC ingredients.

Get Recipes

Food Assistance
Interested in learning more about the SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks and WIC programs? Check these links:

Kansas SNAP & WIC
Missouri SNAP & WIC
Double Up Food Bucks (KS & MO)


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